Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Space to Give Birth In

On the 27th March 2009, In conjunction with Casper Jones from Liverpool John Moores university we ran a session entitled 'A Space to give birth in'

It was a very moving and inspirational day.

We set up the large room with lots of photographs of births and an example birthing room, with pool, bed, candles, flowers (even a bottle of champagne!)

We also put out lots of collage materials.

We had lots of women come to the event, a really busy, productive atmosphere in the room, with people creating collages of their vision of an ideal birth environment.

Watching Nadine Edwards film (from AIMS) 'Birth Matters' was very moving, I saw tears on many peoples faces.

We had a wonderful yoga session (thanks Jenni!) and people spoke on camera about their own birth experiences, how the environment effected them and what they think is required to help facilitate birth.

I will put up a link where you can see the footage soon.

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