Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Liverpool Womens hospital visit

As part of the design process for 'A Space to give birth in' We visited the Liverpool Women's hospital and photographed some of the birthing rooms.

Can you imagine walking up this corridor in labour?

I gave birth here and have also supported many births here as a Doula.

This is one of the Midwife led unit rooms, as you can see, after two years on the MSLC I managed to have the clocks moved from in front of the beds, to behind the beds!

Here's a slightly more Hi tech room.

In contrast, here is a picture of an award winning new birthing room in Cork hospital.

I will be adding more photo's of birthing rooms which I think are innovative or encourage physiological birth.

We are hoping the designers of the Cork room (http://www.rorsa.ie/portfolio.php?category=2&project=87) will come to our next 'A Space to give birth in' event at FACT, Liverpool on May 18th.

I will also add some of the words from the interviews with mothers in Liverpool from the March event, I was watching them last night and they were very powerful.

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